Ditto Labs and Tracx Partner to Deliver Photo Analytics to Brands and Agencies

DItto and Tracx
DItto and Tracx

Ditto Labs and Tracx today jointly announced the integration of Ditto proprietary photo analytics with Tracx’s next-generation unified enterprise social media analytics and engagement platform. This new visual listening capability gives brands a holistic way to understand how people engage with their brand and competitors across social media.

“People are becoming more visually communicative, and social media is a perfect representation of this. With 1.8 billion images shared daily, photos have continued increasingly dominate social over the past 5 years. Accordingly, brands need a way to target, analyze, and act upon these images,” said Adi Kleiman, VP of Products at Tracx. “Ditto’s technology perfectly complements ours in order to uncover new insights and engagement opportunities for our customers.”

“Ditto computer vision gives marketers the opportunity to tap into contextually rich data that is often overlooked – the data lying within socially-shared photos,” said David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs. “By teaming up with Tracx, brands can leverage both text and photo insights to better understand their customers

and improve their engagement strategies.”

Historical studies reveal the human brain retains only 20% of text but 80% of visuals, and a 2014 Twitter study showed that including an image results in a 35% percent increase in retweets. Of the brands Ditto identifies in public social photos, only 15% reference the brand in text.  These factors make it more critical than ever for brands to understand and manage how they appear in social photos.

To learn more about this new offering visit www.tracx.com.

For more information about accessing Ditto’s Streaming or OnDemand API, visit http://dev.startditto.com.

Posted on February 19, 2015

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